What’s the good word this week? Well, we’re enjoying sunshine for a change but by the time this column reaches your table, it will have snowed – again. I’ve seen a few robins, so I suppose that’s a good sign. All in all, Mainers have certainly reached out to other Mainers this winter, to provide help and support during this unprecedented struggle.

It is nearly time for the historical society museum to open to the public. Only a few more weeks to go, and already, my to do list is getting lengthy. Over the winter, folks e-mail and write and call with questions to be answered, “when you open up in the spring?” so there is a full plate of research to be done.

It is wonderful when new people move into town and want to know the history of their house or the area in which they live. The historical society has many types of information from photos to deeds, and personal reminiscences from former residents about everything from mills to machinery. We look forward to visiting with newcomers, schoolchildren, long time residents, out of state visitors and all the folks who come knocking on our door. Meanwhile, if there’s something you’d like me to add to the list, either genealogy search or just history, let me know by e-mailing me at [email protected]

We will be doing a new calendar this year and are trying to choose a subject. Does anyone have any suggestions? People, houses, transportation and churches are a few ideas we have heard. We have hundreds (if not more) unidentified photographs, taken in studios of long ago. The clothing and coiffures of these people of all ages, might be a good calendar subject. They would certainly give a totally different view of regular folks. My favorites are those poor women with the crimped curls, for I know to acquire that fashionable look, they had to use a curling iron, heated either on the stove or via the flame of a lamp. No electricity helped in those days.

It will be fun to be back amongst the memories of Windham and look over the old maps of potential early developments, read about the many organizations that provided social opportunities and read through old yearbooks and school newspapers. We hope to see you there and will announce the opening in this newspaper.

See you next week.

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