Gorham Police Chief Ron Shepard said Wednesday the Maine Department of Transportation has installed safety improvements at the intersection in Gorham where a collision on Feb. 18 claimed lives of two truckers.

Two stop signs on wooden posts now mark both Libby Avenue approaches to Main Street. In addition, flashing red lights are mounted on extended metal poles attached to posts above stop signs on each right lane. The solar-powered flashing red lights were imported from Germany.

“It certainly made (the stop signs) more visible than in the past,” Shepard said.

A Maine traffic engineer last week called the intersection a high crash site. Eight accidents occurred at the intersection between January of 2004 and December 2006.

The state determined in 2006 that the intersection didn’t warrant a traffic light. But, the town of Gorham asked the state in December for another study and the state has agreed to another assessment this year.

Shepard said the recent safety measures are a step in the right direction. “A lot would like to see the traffic light there,” Shepard said.

(intersection 2) following Sunday.

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