“Deer horns are nice, but they don’t eat very good” – Dick Clow

I’ve had the privilege to know a great outdoorsman for many years now. What a great influence he’s always been to his two sons and daughter and their many friends.

Richard Clow of Sebago always involved his children and their friends in his outdoor passions of hunting and fishing.

Better know as “Dick” or “Windy Bill from Douglas Hill,” as he can always tell a very colorful yarn and the most entertaining jokes.

Dick is one of those guys who can always seem to catch a big fish or shoot a monster buck in places where you would swear that there were none to be had. He passed this knack on to his two sons Todd and Tom, it sometimes seems like these guys could catch big trout out of a rusty bucket with no water in it! I know that’s a large exaggeration, but Dick taught his boys and many others the in’s and out’s of fishing.

Dick’s favorite deer hunting tool has always been a model 99 Featherweight Savage, chambered in 300 Savage, equipped with receiver sights. It would take a lot of families a very long time to consume the amount of venison that he, with his 300 Savage, has harvested.

One of my favorite fun times with Dick was when we were headed to Long Pond trout fishing. We were cruising along in the truck, when the canoe all of a sudden came off the truck and we were dragging it up the pavement behind us. After we discovered what had happened, we got the vehicle stopped and pulled over. Dick got out of the truck and looking over the very banged up canoe exclaimed “my first time trolling in the tarred road” and then burst into laughter.

Dick recently has been slowed down by cancer and is fighting a gallant battle. All of us that have had his influence are very grateful for all the knowledge and fun times he has always provided for us. He is among the best of the best.

Until next time pay hard and be safe.

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