In a 4-3 vote that seemed to satisfy no one, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council narrowly approved a $3.8 million 2008-2009 school budget, a 4.6 percent increase over the current year.

The budget approved by council will face a town-wide validation vote on June 10. An advisory question on the ballot will ask all voters whether they think the increase is too high or too low, to guide Council in revising the budget for a re-vote should the 4.6 percent budget fail.

The budget was in excess of the 4.3 percent target originally set by council but far lower than the 6 percent increase originally sought by the School Board.

Council members Paul McKenney, Mary Ann Lynch, David Backer and Cynthia Dill voted in favor of the 4.6 percent increase. Sara Lennon, James Rowe and Anne Swift-Kayatta opposed it, Rowe and Swift-Kayatta because they felt it was too high, and Lennon because she felt it was too low.

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