Where’d it go?

A woman called June 19 to report that $1,190 was taken from her checking account through bills paid over the Internet on a computer she doesn’t use. She said a TD Banknorth representative believes the money was deducted on June 16 at 5:46 p.m.

Quiet down

A Main Street man called two nights in a row about loud music and other noises from his neighbor, who was issued a disorderly conduct warning.

Great timing

At 1 a.m. June 19 a Burnham Road resident called to say there were four subjects outside breaking into cars. The subjects informed police they were dropping off items belonging to the caller, who was called back and advised. Police recommended that the subjects call before dropping things off at 1 a.m.

Looking for Goldilocks

A woman called on June 18 to report that someone has been living in her house sometime since Memorial Day. Officer King reported that the drapes were closed, there were leaves on the floor, three beds were slept in, including the waterbed, and liquor was missing, including a fifth of vodka, scotch and a six-pack. There was no sign of a forced entry. Youth in the area allegedly knew where the key was.

Candid camera

Mobil On the Run staff reported June 18 that $70 worth of lottery tickets were stolen the day before. The theft was caught on tape.

One ringy-dingy

On June 17 a woman called 911 to request assistance in getting her phone turned back on. Dispatch referred the woman to her neighbor’s phone to call the phone company.

Don’t light a match

In cleaning out an old barn on June 17, an area caller found old containers marked gunpowder. She wondered how to dispose of it safely.

Are they huffing and puffing?

On June 17 a woman reported baby wolves living under the camp she was renting. She wondered if it would be safe for her when the parents came back.

Road worrier

A woman reported on June 16 that her son had been harassed about his speed by a male subject in a blue former police cruiser. She said the subject tailgated her son at 50 mph and then cut in front of him. She was worried that the subject was impersonating an officer.

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