Like most people, we pay attention to new state laws only if they affect us personally. New taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, soda and other foodstuffs have drawn a lot of headlines, commentary and attention.

However, there is one new law passed by the 123rd Legislature, which should be of interest to all senior citizens, age 60 or over, as winter approaches.

At the June 24 Windham Town Council meeting, Sen. Bill Diamond, D-Cumberland, and Reps. Mark Bryant, D-Windham, and Gary Plummer, R-Windham, announced the passage of a new state law that allows municipalities to establish a plan or guidelines whereby senior citizens (age 60 or over) who earn up to $750 working for the municipality, will be allowed a property tax deduction.

The conditions of the program require the citizen have a homestead in the municipality; the program would provide benefits for both owners and renters of the homestead and benefits would be calculated in a way that provides greater benefits proportionally to claimants with lower incomes in relation to their property taxes accrued or rent constituting property taxes accrued.

The program will be funded through the town’s overlay account which is established when the tax rate is set. In Windham the Town Council is expected to set the tax rate in August. The overlay account provides resources for property tax abatements that may occur during the fiscal year.

For more information on this program, contact your local municipal offices.

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