Lights out

On July 17 a Kennard Street man asked police to tell his neighbors to turn off their sensor-operated spot light. He said his neighbor was working outside, thus turning on the light and waking up his children.

One way to get help

On July 19 a man reported that two women in bikinis were trying to flag people down next to their truck with the hood open. They were out of gas.

Not squatters

A North Bridgton Road man called police at 1 a.m. July 20 to report subjects setting up a tent in his back yard. Police found the campers had permission from their grandmother, who also lived in the building.

No way to ride

On July 22 there was a report of a man operating a motor scooter with an infant without a helmet. The man was given a warning.

Dangerous game

A man came into the police department July 23 to report someone sending a remote control car into Portland Street traffic.

High spam content?

Police received a report July 23 of a suspicious vehicle parked on Kimball Road for 45 minutes with the lights on. The subject was found to be checking e-mail.

Drug runner?

On July 23 a caller advised dispatch that a subject in a green Ford Explorer may be running heroin from Massachusetts to Bridgton. The caller said the vehicle may have stolen registration stickers, be uninsured and have a 2-year-old child riding along. The caller said the subject travels frequently between Bridgton and Casco.

Stuck inside

On July 24, during heavy storms, a woman called to report her sister was stuck in a Libby Lane cottage after a large tree fell through the house.

Give me my quarter

A burglary alarm went off at Bridgton Car Wash July 25. On arrival, police found that a person had hit the coin collector to free a stuck quarter.

Just checking I

A man called just before 10 p.m. July 26 to ask if any females had been arrested or in an accident, as his wife had not made it home yet. The answer to both questions was no.

Just checking II

A Molly Morgan Way woman called to speak with an officer about something suspicious, and she would not tell the dispatcher what it was. On speaking with an officer, the woman revealed that a couple of people had gone to her neighbor’s house saying they were firefighters checking to see if everything was okay after the previous day’s storm. Although the people in question did not come to the woman’s house, she thought it was suspicious. She was advised that they could have been firefighters.


A Bridgton Road woman called on July 28 to report $125-200 was stolen from her since the previous night. She called back in five minutes to let police know that she had put the money in a different place and had found it.

The dangers of deep-frying

Dispatch received a report on July 29 of a fryalator on fire at the Lake Region House of Pizza. The restaurant and daycare were evacuated.

Check the label

On July 30 a woman reported a man not wearing a shirt and walking down Route 302 drinking a beer. On investigation, it was found to be drinking a Red Bull.


A woman reported a fight on Gage Street on July 30 between two young men, with around 10 others standing around watching. One of the men received a summons for assault.

Baby bird in distress

A Kansas Shores Road woman reported on July 30 that a bird had fallen from its nest.

Disgruntled employee

On July 30 a Massachusetts man reported the attempted theft of tools from a trailer parked at a residence on South High Street. The man said a current employee confronted a former employee while he was trying to get into the trailer with a Sawzall. The current employee reported that the former employee was planning to take tools in lieu of wages.

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