Despite his denials that items found at his home were his, a Sebago man on probation was indicted on additional drug trafficking and weapons charges by a Cumberland County grand jury Aug. 8.

Russell Coughlin Jr. of Peabody Pond Road was indicted for trafficking cocaine with a prior conviction and possession of a firearm as a felon. He was arrested July 16 after two probation officers visited his home and found cocaine, marijuana, guns and $2,750.

Court records contain statements made by Troy Thornton, a probation officer, establishing that Coughlin was at home with his wife and infant when Thornton showed up with David Edwards, another probation officer.

While searching the house, Thornton found a rolled dollar bill on the nightstand in the bedroom. When he unfolded the bill he noticed a white powder that later tested positive for cocaine. Coughlin denied knowing about the items and said they were not his.

Thornton said he also found a yellow toolbox in a closet containing marijuana, a scale, and two guns.

The parole officers called the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office for backup and search by a police dog.

Edwards searched two cars and found a small safe with a piece of paper with a list of names and numbers. Thornton found another list of names with dollar amounts with a wad of cash stuffed under a couch cushion.

Also found stuffed in a recliner was a small metal tin with two bags of cocaine and the police dog pointed to another scale in a plastic storage container, according to court records.

In all, authorities found slightly more than 3.4 grams of cocaine and 4.1 ounces of marijuana, according to court records.

Additionally, Coughlin’s cell phone rang five or six times while deputies were at the house, according to a statement from Deputy Stephen Welsh. When Coughlin’s wife answered the phone, a woman said she wanted to stop by for half an ounce before Coughlin’s wife hung up.

In June and September 2007 Coughlin was convicted of trafficking cocaine, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of drugs and operating after suspension.

Sebago man arrested on drug charges

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