The article written by reporter Meggan Clark of the Scarborough Current, dated Aug. 28, 2008, addresses only one of a number of issues identified by the Pine Point Residents Association (formerly called the Pine Point Residents Group).

The Pine Point Residents Association exists as a “watchdog” group advocating on local area issues such as infrastructure and zoning impacting the Pine Point neighborhood and the greater Scarborough community.

Pine Point has no representation on the Town Council, and quietly-approved concessions and decisions in recent years by the town administration have often affected this unique neighborhood in ways many citizens object to. We therefore work with our elected officials to inform and persuade them, and we keep neighbors informed.

The road repair referenced in the article was proposed to be done after Memorial Day. The neighborhood was informed two weeks before work was to begin. It is the very same small portion of road the contractor of the new subdivision damaged last year when a crew broke the water main one Saturday in July (the Planning Board prohibited summer construction on this project, but it was allowed by the town). The town engineer’s plan called for re-installing the controversial barricade on Depot Street, which the Town Council ordered removed less than two years ago. The road elevation was going to change and affect abutting properties, and the road was going to be narrowed. Given the history of this area, there should have been better planning and communication. Nevertheless, representatives our group met May 21 with town officials to ask questions so we could inform our members. We took no position on the plan at that time since we had just learned the details. It was the town manager who cancelled the project at the Town Council meeting that very night, just hours after our meeting, stating, “As you might expect, we’ve not been able to reach any kind of consensus or buy in on any of the improvements…” He then told the Council they would not be doing the work. These are the facts.

The Scarborough Town Council recently authorized a study committee, which includes municipal employees, abutters and other parties to begin its mission in early September 2008 to review and find resolution to potentially conflicting issues. Hopefully the committee will be an initial step toward establishing greater and more effective involvement by the Town Council and new Town Manager.

Unfortunately, negative articles such as the one written by Ms. Clark, do nothing toward generating a positive atmosphere and improved communications.

Harold Hutchinson, Judy Shirk, Elaine Richer, Jack Callahan, John Thurlow, Sue Perrino, Judy Mushial

Pine Point Residents Association

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