No quick getaway

On Sept. 4 a Reny’s employee called to report that a woman stole a hat and was sitting in a black Ford Explorer between Reny’s and the Magic Lantern.

Just saying hello

An Ohio man called Sept. 4 saying the number for Bridgton dispatch showed up on his cell phone. He had never been to Maine and didn’t know why he got the call.

Hiding the evidence

On Sept. 4 a woman called from a Brownfield campground asking for contact information for the Maine Warden Service. She said she had found several dead ducks in a dumpster there.

Helping hands

A Mobil on the Run employee called Sept. 2 to report that a woman had driven over the curb at Beth’s Kitchen Cafa. A group of young people were trying to help her get off the curb.

Worth more with a full tank

On Sept. 2 a woman reported that sometime in the last two weeks someone stole the outboard motor off her boat, which was valued at $1,745.

With friends like these

On Sept. 2, dispatch received a report of a very pregnant woman hitchhiking near NAPA Auto Parts on Route 302. The woman told police she was walking to meet a friend who was supposed to be taking her to an appointment in Westbrook.

Bump in the night

An employee at the Blackhorse Tavern called at 3:45 a.m. Sept. 2 to report having heard a thump on the roof, but nothing was found.

Post-holiday blowup

Two reports of fireworks or gunshots Sept. 2 led to a warning for the illegal use of fireworks for subjects who were renting a house on Kinney Lane.


On Sept. 1 a woman reported a young woman with long, curly hair walking out into traffic carrying a bird cage near the intersection of South Bridgton Road and South High Street.

Built for speed

On Sept. 1 Maine State Police reported a chase in progress with a black motorcycle going over 100 mph near Bear Pond on Waterford Road. Police involved did not locate the motorcycle rider.

Paddle boat escape

A Highland Road man reported on Sept. 1 that a green and white two-man Aqua paddleboat drifted into his cove sometime during the night and was now tied to the dock.

What were you trying to catch?

On Sept. 1 a North High Street woman reported a possible fisher cat in her Have-a-Heart trap.

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