We’re writing to tell the people of Westbrook why we’re voting for Phil Csoros for the state Senate.

Phil Csoros is a husband and father of four who knows first hand how the taxes in Maine are making life difficult for working families. Between the high cost of food and fuel, and of course higher taxes, there is little hope of saving for our children’s future or that unforeseen home or car repair. But Phil Csoros wants to change that by reducing wasteful spending and lowering our taxes.

Phil Csoros has the experience of making tough budget decisions as a member of the Gorham Town Council. Thanks to his efforts, Gorham residents have no increase in property taxes this year. I know Phil will work to do more of the same as our next state Senator.

We feel that Phil Csoros is the type of person we need in the Senate to help represent the hard-working, middle-income family that is struggling with making ends meet.

We strongly urge you to please join us in voting for Phillip A. Csoros for state Senate on Nov. 4.

Randy and Millie Axelsen


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