Age: 43

Running for: House District 124

Party: Republican

Residence: South Portland

Family: Wife, Lorie

Education: University of Southern Maine

Occupation: Director of information services, Counseling Services Inc.

Republican Kevin Glynn has served in elective office for nearly two decades, as a three-term city councilor and four-term state representative.

After losing his bid for a Senate seat in 2006, Glynn is back to try to regain the House District 124 seat he held from 1998-2006. He is vying against incumbent Bryan Kaenrath, D-South Portland. The competition pits two generations – an old hand at Maine politics against a freshman lawmaker.

Glynn, 43, plans to focus his energies on the economy, if elected.

He argues that South Portland needs a bigger share of state revenue sharing, especially when it comes to school funding.

“South Portland is getting shortchanged,” said Glynn. “We send millions to the state and very little comes back.”

Glynn also wants to roll back some taxes. “Maine continues to face a high tax and regulatory burden on both its citizens and businesses. It appears to me that our Legislature’s main objective is to think up new ways to tax us, to add fees to us and to regulate us,” he said.

He argues that the gas tax is too high. He opposes the new beverage tax, saying it burdens the middle class. Glynn also thinks property taxes are too high.

Glynn supports a drive to repeal the beverage tax, which voters will decide Nov. 4 by referendum. “Maybe we should mount opposition to more of these silly acts of our illustrious legislators,” he said.

Glynn also says the heavy hand of government hurts the health-care system. He believes that mandates for coverage hurt competition and increased costs.

Glynn sat on the committee that oversaw the creation of Dirigo Health, the state-sponsored health plan. Glynn believes Dirigo has strayed from its mission, with the Legislature “embarking on tax-raising schemes to support it.”

Glynn is employed by Counseling Services Inc., a community mental-health agency in York and Cumberland counties, as the director of information systems, managing the computer systems. He resides at 109 Huntress Ave., in the Cash Corner neighborhood.

He says his connection with constituents keeps him interested in politics.

“Half this job is public policy and the other half, in my mind, is constituent services,” said Glynn. “Someone who is your neighbor down the road can pick up the phone and ask for help. I enjoy the role of being the person they can call.”

House District 124 – Kevin Glynn – Will focus energies on economic issues