We are indeed fortunate in Westbrook to have two state representatives working tirelessly in our behalf in Augusta.

Rep. Ann Peoples has proven to be a consensus builder as a member of the Transportation Committee and a leader on the House floor. Her independent thinking and ‘can do’ attitude shakes things up in Augusta.

Rep. Tim Driscoll’s actions speak louder than the usual political rhetoric we’re used to hearing from politicians running for office. Tim has organized fundraisers to support Westbrook’s neediest citizens during the dramatic climb in heating oil prices. He led the effort to weatherize many seniors’ homes as well. Tim’s perseverance on the Labor Committee has made a difference in the lives of the worker’s throughout the state.

Ann and Tim’s common-sense approach, willingness to listen and take action have earned our appreciation and our vote. We’re lucky to have Ann and Tim in Augusta fighting for all of us. Please remember Ann Peoples and Tim Driscoll when you vote Nov. 4.

Don and Kathy Esty


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