The Scarborough Village proposal isn’t the only controversial local referendum on Scarborough’s ballot. Scarborough residents will vote on changing the high school’s nickname from Red Storm to something else.

Town Councilors, who in September sent the issue to referendum, had initially considered using language that would have asked voters if they favored changing the name back to another American Indian name, but decided only to ask if voters would be in favor of changing the name.

The Scarborough School Board ultimately will decide to change the name or keep it, but the Nov. 4 results will be a guide, helping that panel get a better understanding of how residents feel about the name change.

Some residents have been unhappy with the Red Storm name since the School Board changed it from the Redskins in 2001. The board that year rejected the students’ first choice of Titans because Greek mythology said the ruler of the Titans ate his children to avoid being overthrown by a son.

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