Two goldfish at the Scarborough Public Library now have colorful names to match their scales: Silver Fin and Salsa Bob.

Over a period of 10 days in November, 137 library patrons submitted names for the latest additions to the Youth Services area fish tank.

Elizabeth Forrest, Youth Services librarian, said name suggestions ranged from paired associations such as Harry and Hermione and Barack and John, to creative wordplay like Jellybob, Plumpkin and Boobreeze.

But the victory went to 4-year-old Abbie Jacobson, who came up with “Silver Fin,” and 7-year-old Jacob Ouellette, whose suggestions of “Salsa” and “Bob” were combined to create the name “Salsa Bob.”

The goldfish, each about 6 inches long from nose to tail, were purchased in late October by library staff member Denise Simms.

“We are trying out a new idea.” said Simms. “Instead of keeping many small tropical fish, which tend to die off frequently, we decided to add this sturdy pair of goldfish in hopes they’ll live for a very long time.”

(boy with fish)Jacob Ouellette, one of the winners of Scarborough Public Library

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