By Michael Hoffer
Teams and individuals from Forecaster Country more than held their own at the north division swimming and diving Southwesterns last weekend at Davan Pool in Westbrook.
In the girls’ meet, held Saturday, Cape Elizabeth took top honors with 276 points, beating perennial Class B powers Falmouth (247) and Greely (235.5). Scarborough was fifth with 162 points. South Portland (72.5) came in seventh.
In the boys’ meet, Friday, Scarborough was fourth behind Greely, Deering and Cheverus with 198 points. Cape Elizabeth (140) placed sixth. South Portland (130) was seventh.
SUBHEAD-Prime time players
The Cape Elizabeth girls’ team enjoyed a stellar regular season and rose to the occasion Saturday.
The Capers won two relays, starting with a flourish by taking the 200 medley. Rosie Wennberg, Heather Kraft, Nora Daly and Lexi Bass were first in a time of 1 minute, 55.09 seconds.
In the 200 free relay, Daly, Madeline Kraft, Abby Armstrong and Wennberg beat the field in 1:45.63.
Daly was the individual champion in the 100 free (54.57 seconds). Wennberg won the 100 butterfly (1:03.39). Emily MacDuffie was runner-up to Wennberg in the fly (1:06.13) and had a third-place showing in the 50 free (26.76). Heather Kraft was second in the 100 breaststroke (1:09.41). Madeline Kraft finished fourth in the 500 free (5:55.20) and was sixth in the 200 individual medley (2:30.18). Bass came in fourth in the 50 free (27.21) and was seventh in the 100 free (1:01.38). Morgan Mancall had the fourth-best diving score (229.45 points). Lucy Hewitt finished fifth in the fly (1:08.49). Noelle Webster came in sixth in the 100 backstroke (1:11.48). Armstrong was sixth in the 50 free (27.50) and 11th in the breaststroke (1:20.17). Paige St. Germain placed sixth in the 200 free (2:12.21) and was 11th in the 500 free (6:03.19). Tara Pinette finished ninth in diving (171.40). Maddie Spagnola placed 10th in the backstroke (1:16.44). Lyndsay Tanabe placed 12th in the 100 free (1:04.97).
Cape Elizabeth came in third in the 400 free relay (MacDuffie, St. Germain, Webster and Heather Kraft; 4:05.96).
The Capers ‘B’ relay teams also scored. In the medley, Spagnola, Amelia Bothel, Hewitt and Maggie Darling were ninth (2:13.12). In the 200 free, Tanabe, Darling, Rebecca Manning and Lindsay Rand placed 10th (2:03.37). In the 400 free, Julia Hintlian, Rand, Tanabe and Clair Muscat were also 10th (4:41.88).
“The girls swam extremely well,” said Cape Elizabeth coach Ben Raymond. “We had numerous best times and everyone raced well. Some of our swimmers who weren’t used to being the ones counted on to score the points, scored most of the points in this meet. It was a true team effort. All in all, it was a great meet that gave our girls lots of experience that should go a long way at the state meet.”
Scarborough’s medley relay team (Dayna Ankermann, Samantha Couillard, Christine Beecher and Alison Reynolds) was runner-up to Cape Elizabeth in 1:59.44. The Red Storm were sixth in the 400 free relay (Shelby Wheeler, Julie Passarelli, Sarah Bunting, Maya Glab; 4:25.45) and placed seventh in the 200 free relay (Bunting, Felicia Brimigion, Rachael Millett, Wheeler; 2:02.72).
Individually, Beecher was second in the IM (2:17.90) and second in the 500 free (5:34.83). Ankermann was runner-up in the backstroke (1:06.55) and fifth in the 200 free (2:11.18). Couillard finished third in the IM (2:21.93). Michaela Wood had the sixth-best diving score (196.85). Glab finished sixth in the 500 free (5:59.10) and seventh in the breaststroke (1:17.07). Hannah Yerxa was seventh in diving (185.10). Reynolds placed eighth in the breaststroke (1:17.29) and ninth in the IM (2:34.39). Colleen L’Heureux finished 11th in the fly (1:17.49).
Additionally, Passarelli received a scholarship from meet officials.
For South Portland, standout diver Curry Girr continued her stellar work, winning the competition with 298.65 points. Courtney Perruzzi was the third-best diver (256.30). Brianna Sanborn tied for 12th-place in the 50 free (29.21).
South Portland’s 200 free relay squad (Sanborn, Maureen Blanchard, Kate Lagios and Nicole Fogg) was fifth (1:58.83). Brittanie Walsh, Sanborn, Sydney Damian-Loring and Blanchard made up a seventh-place 400 relay squad (4:32.45). The Red Riots’ medley relay team (Victoria Owens, Erin Speeches, Damian-Loring, Liz Carnell) came in eighth (2:24.46).
SUBHEAD-Twomey wins two
In the boys’ meet, Scarborough was led by senior Nick Twomey, who captured the 100 free (50.86) and the backstroke (55.58). Twomey also teamed with Craig Delisle, Thomas Spencer and Mark Endrizzi to win the medley relay (1:46.56).
The Red Storm’s 400 free relay squad (Daniel Friedman, Jack Clark, Michael Leatherbee, Adam Saltz) was fifth (3:56.06).
Endrizzi placed fourth in the 50 free (24.04) and sixth in the 100 free (53.58). Spencer was fifth in the fly (1:01.02) and eighth in the 200 free (2:05.86). Clark finished finished fifth in the 500 free (5:39.88) and seventh in the 200 free (2:03.30). Delisle came in fifth in the breaststroke (1:09.31) and eighth in the IM (2:20.88). Saltz finished sixth in the backstroke (1:04.76) and eighth in the 500 free (5:55.20). Ben Howard was ninth in diving (160.60). Matthew Couillard finished 10th in the breaststroke (1:14.66) and 12th in the fly (1:08.35). Leatherbee placed 11th in the backstroke (1:09.15). Friedman was 12th in the 100 free (57.80).
Scarborough’s 200 free relay team was disqualified, but its ‘B’ squad (Christopher Ambrosini, Ben Howard, Thomas Fitts and John Breggia) placed ninth (1:52.70. The Red Storm’s 400 free ‘B’ team (Ambrosini, Breggia, Jarret Odden and Nathaniel Duggen) was also ninth (4:08.72). Scarborough’s medley ‘B’ squad (Leatherbee, Scott Delisle, Couillard and Ambrosini) placed 10th (2:04.20).
Cape Elizabeth’s top finisher was diver Kevin Flathers,,who was second (266.90). Zach Gavin was third in the breaststroke (1:06.62) and fourth in the IM (2:10.60). Chris Makrides had a fifth-place showing in the 50 free (24.37) and was eighth in the 100 free (54.01). Will Pinette finished sixth in diving (196.75). Paul Wennberg was seventh in the 100 free (53.95). Stephen Monaghan finished eighth in the breaststroke (1:13.91). David Goodglass placed ninth in the 500 free (6:01.54) and 12th in the 200 free (2:16.15). Sawyer Theriault was 12th in the 50 free (26.84).
The Capers were fourth in the medley relay, as Makrides, Monaghan, Gavin and Wennberg had a time of 1:51.91. Cape Elizabeth was sixth in the 200 free relay (Theriault, Conor Meagher, James McKinney, Monaghan; 1:48.44). The 400 free team (Ian McInerney, Tom Spagnola, Noah Backer and Thomas Robinson) was seventh (4:40.51).
Cape Elizabeth’s 200 free ‘B’ squad (Backer, Spagnola, Robinson and McInerney) came in 11th (2:00.28). Its medley ‘B’ team (McKinney, Backer, Goodglass and Theriault) was also 11th (2:05.65).
South Portland got points from three divers. Travis Wibby came in third (250.30), Jaren Parras placed fourth (247.20) and Chris Carter was fifth (200.20).
The Red Riots came in fifth in the medley relay (Will York, Adam Sellick, Lucas Ashbaugh and Chris Harle had a time of 1:56.72) and fifth in the 200 free relay (Kevin O’Connor, Evan Beck, Andy Gerry, Misha Carmichael; 1:46.91). South Portland was sixth in the 400 free relay (Harle, Chad MacWhinnie, Carmichael and Nick Brown; 4:01.20).
York was third in the backstroke (1:00.27) and 10th in the fly (1:02.94). Brown was sixth in the 200 free (2:03.08) and sixth in the 500 free (5:48.44). Beck finished 10th in the 200 free (2:12.67).
The Red Riots’ ‘B’ medley (Shawn Everest-Ortiz, Sam Helmke, O’Connor, Patrick McCartan; 2:19.18) and 200 (Helmke, Hunter Blondin, Everest-Ortiz, Carter; 2:01.03) relay teams both came in 12th.
The Class A girls’ state championships are Monday at Bowdoin College in Brunswick.
The boys compete on Tuesday with Class A at the same location.
The New England championships are Feb. 28 at Bates College in Lewiston.
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S-sportsswim-021309.JPGScarborough’s Colleen L’Heureux swam toward an 11th place finish in the 100 fly at last weekend’s Southwesterns. (Jason Veilleux photo)