The Feb. 13 Forecaster related how 16 educators toured South Portland High School and found there were numerous items to be fixed: the roof leaks, some windows need repairing, faucets need to be fixed, heating and ventilation is inadequate, etc.
This is the same song and dance taxpayers got when the schools wanted $56 million, plus interest, last year. We weren’t buying it then and we’re not buying it now.
Why weren’t some construction personnel asked about these items – not education personnel who probably never worked in their lives and don’t know what they were looking at. The roof, heating and ventilation I can see subcontractors fixing. The electrical capacity can be reduced by having teachers teach and not playing videos and games.
Taxpayers, ask yourselves why weren’t the other items fixed by maintenance people – or were they told to leave it alone? If the maintenance people working at the school cannot fix these things, then replace them and hire someone who can.
Remember this: a bond issue is only the tip of the iceberg.

Richard C. Campbell
South Portland