For the most part, Israel’s whatever-it-does defenders have been laying low, embarrassed by the fourth most powerful nation’s wanton slaughter in Gaza, 100-plus Palestinians for every Israeli – even using outlawed phosphorus and the new Dense Inert Matter Explosive (DIME) – and burdened by the world’s unanimous condemnation.
Not Perry B. Newman (Global Matters, Feb. 25-27). His spin conveniently omits the giant prison that remained when Israel removed its illegal settlements, the assassinations of dozens of Gazan leaders, and, after Fatah corruption and hopelessness elected Hamas, an 18-month blockade that cut off electricity, fuel, water and commerce, leaving 1.5 million Gazans, 40 percent children, without medicines, food and livelihoods.
Rocketing failed to end assassinations so Hamas declared a unilateral ceasefire. Israel continued assassinations and the criminal blockade. lsraeli provocations, finally the deadly bombing of Rafah Nov. 4, ended Hamas’s ceasefire.
Hamas’ primitive rocketing? Dispossessed of most of their land, dehumanized, starving, denied freedom – what does Newman expect? A Valentine? Israel had trained for six months in the Negev for this exercise in brutal subjugation – maximum killing, minimum loses and exclude human rights investigators. Newman brags of Israel “fiercely, relentlessly, and violently” assaulting slingshot-armed Gazans. In fact, Israel knows no law, moral or international, no shame.
Newman’s excuse? Hamas’ threatening words – not inappropriate for a people whose land the Zionists determined to take forcibly in 1897 and have been stealing, brutally, since. Deeds? Hamas offered a 10-year truce; as Jimmy Carter revealed, Israel wants Palestine, not peace.

William H. Slavick