PORTLAND — The Portland Housing Authority will upgrade handicapped accessibility, replace roofs and perform other improvements in its buildings with $2.2 million in economic stimulus package funds it expects to receive next month.
The funding for the city’s public housing authority is part of a $4 billion allocation for such organizations, $3 billion of which will be doled out according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s capital improvement fund formula.
Mark Adelson, PHA deputy executive director, said the organization receives capital funds from HUD each year and in addition to the $2.2 million, expects to get about $1.7 million through the regular funding cycle.
Adelson said the funding has to be used on housing authority-owned properties.
About $500,000 will be used to make accessibility upgrades to the outside and inside of housing authority biuldings. The rest of the funding is budgeted for code compliance upgrades, including fire doors, roof replacements and exterior improvements. Adelson said PHA has about 10 units that are vacant and in need of serious renovation. The funding will be used to get those apartments back into the housing stock.
Portland Housing Authority has about 1,000 units of housing throughout the city. It’s family housing developments include Sagamore Village, Kennedy Park, Bayside Terrace, Bayside East, Riverton Park, Front Street, Dermott Court and about 14 other scattered units. The authority also runs Franklin Towers, Harbor Terrace and Washington Gardens, which are for elderly and disabled renters.
Adelson said PHA expects to receive the stimulus funding next month.

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