FALMOUTH — The Town Council has agreed to consider a change to the Coastal Waters Ordinance that would allow Town Landing mooring holders to keep motors on their dinghies.

The suggestion came up during a recent Harbor Committee meeting with mooring holders, Police Chief Edward Tolan told the council Monday, because many felt it was not always safe for people, especially the elderly, to row long distances to their boats.

In the past, before privately owned dinghies were registered, some had sunk, leaving their fuel tanks floating in the water. But now, all dinghies are registered and police or park rangers would know who to contact if there was a problem, Tolan said. And under the plan, motors would be allowed, but fuel tanks could not be left on board.

The committee hopes the council will make a decision before summer.

Proposed municipal and school budgets will be introduced during a special Council meeting at 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 25.