I am international student. I have something that would like let you know about holes on the road during winter seasons.


A winter season is going to pass soon and summer will come. It is time for vacation and travelling for everyone who lives here or comes from another state because everyone knew the summer seasons in Maine are awesome and very nice. I am a person who lives in South Portland I take a bus to school every day and drive a car sometimes when I want to go anywhere. The one thing that I have a problem when I go outside during winter seasons is about roads. There are many roads destroyed by snow plows truck so it makes a roads have many holes that will be cause of accidents. I just would like an officer who responds to this issue to know. They should repair as soon as they can do. I know they have a lot of work to do but I just hope it will be done soon in order to have a great and safe summer time that everyone is waiting for.


Thossaporn Supajaroon