The state is looking for the owner of a $2.9 million Tri State Megabucks lottery ticket purchased at the 7 Eleven in Gorham Village.

The Gorham store that sold the winning ticket doesn’t know the identity of the lucky winner on April 8.

“No one has come forward. We have no idea,” said Larry Barbour of Westbrook, who was on duty Tuesday evening at the 7 Eleven in Gorham Village.

Dan Gwadosky, director of the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations, confirmed Wednesday that no one had claimed the jackpot yet but said the winner had a year to come forward.

Gwadosky said federal taxes would be 25 percent and state taxes would be 5 percent on the winnings. In a lump sum option after taxes, the winner would receive $1.4 million. Under the annuity option spread over 25 years, the winner would receive $82,600 a year after taxes.

Barbour said the lucky winner could be an out-of-state customer passing through. “Some people have foolishly thrown winning tickets away,” Barbour said wondering how many people are “digging through their trash.”

He said usually people are on pins and needles waiting for results.

The winning number was 04-09-14-20-21-41 with a bonus number of 11. The Maine State Lottery said the winner matched all six numbers. Barbour said the store gets $29,500.

The store doesn’t know which clerk sold the winning ticket. Barbour said a clerk who sells a winning ticket isn’t eligible to claim any of the winnings, but could be given a gratuity from a lucky winner. He said one man in the past told him he wouldn’t give a dime, while another customer said, “I’ll buy you a car.”

Lottery winnings remain unclaimed

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