I’m so delighted that I live in a Falmouth insulated bubble.

So, $2.8 million for another indoor ice rink? While you’re at it, why don’t we close Route 1 from Depot Road to Bucknam Road and build an indoor covered swimming pool to attract winter tourists.

Obviously no one in Falmouth has seen their 401k diminish to half its worth, or their stock portfolios drop 40 percent with dividends either cut or eliminated. How many of us look over our shoulder fearful of a pink slip in next week’s paycheck? Chrysler and General Motors can go under, but not Falmouth. Nobody reads the back section of the newspaper and sees an average of five homes foreclosures per day in Cumberland County.

Dream on Town Council, dream on. My 75 years in this country assure me that the economy will rebound, but now is not the time for frivolous spending, it’s time for fiscal responsibility.


Ike Ostrove