As I logged into Cumberland’s Web site to view the results of the school budget vote on May 26 I was shocked and disappointed not only by the result of the vote, but the fact that only 583 of the 5,837 registered Cumberland voters chose to let their voices be heard. To the 10 percent who voted, thank you; to the remaining 90 percent, shame on you for remaining silent. Imagine the hush that this silence will create, as we all have to write checks for property taxes that have increased by 3.4 percent on homes whose real market value has decreased, along with household incomes. As a result of a tie in the voting, you will have a second chance to make your voice heard on June 16; please take a stand on this important issue.

On June 9 the voting public will again have an opportunity to let their voices be heard. For years we have heard the rhetoric about the need to attract commercial business in order to diversify our tax base and ease the burden on our residents. The time has come for the residents of Cumberland to be open to this tax base diversity in order to preserve the opportunity for all residents to be able to afford to live here. If you are unable to vote in person you can vote by absentee ballot at Town Hall or requesting an absentee ballot via phone, e-mail or fax.

Please let your voice be heard and counted on June 9 and 16.

Theresa Maloney-Kelly