I am not concerned about whether the Scarborough Town Council was correct or incorrect on their final decision on Depot Road. The choice was made by a majority of our duly elected councilors. I am convinced all parties had more than ample opportunity for their beliefs and concerns to be heard, and that all councilors took the matter seriously.

I am deeply concerned by the tone being used by those who don’t agree with the council’s deliberations. No councilor, especially Chairman Mike Wood, deserves the blatant hostility being spewed by those unhappy with the decision. Whatever happened to common civility?

I served with Mike Wood on Scarborough’s Planning Board for nearly eight years. He taught me what it means to be civil. He taught me the importance of listening. Mike is deeply honest. His integrity is unassailable. No one could care more about being fair, on all issues, than Mike. We are indeed fortunate to have someone with Mike Wood’s honesty and compassion serving our town.

No one on our council is “corrupt.” Those who feel misrepresented by Mike Wood, or any of the present councilors, should themselves seek election to Scarborough’s governing board. Find out for yourself how many hours it demands, how impossible it is to make all citizens happy all the time, how painful it can be when your best efforts elicit venom rather than appreciation.

Let’s try harder to be more civil. Remember, these are good, caring people and deserve better than childish, and hurtful, name-calling.

Susan Auglis