People, dogs, bagpipers, weddings, playgroups, people from Maine, people from “away,” people with pastry and coffee, people with ice cream, the regular jogging group running along the beach, people stopping to actually talk to each other – what other community in our area can even compare to the wonderful qualities of Willard Beach?

When I first began to sell properties in South Portland and the Willard Beach area, there was, and still is a great draw to this community. I was so taken with this area that I, too, moved here and have been a part of a culture that is not easily duplicated. I believe that if you start restricting who and what can be on Willard Beach, then you cut the lifeblood that is our community.

I believe that, even in this economy, property values have continued to be stable because of our neighborhood spirit and all the wonderful things that this community has to offer.

I urge everyone in South Portland to be inclusive by voting no on banning dogs from Willard Beach. Having dogs allowed on a limited basis, as is currently the law, allows for the rights of all: those who want to go to the beach with dogs and for those who want to go to the beach with no dogs. We must all continue to work together to ensure our community is vibrant and our environment healthy. There is no perfect answer, but I do believe we can all share our resource that is Willard Beach.

Nancy Field
South Portland


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