As an old fart who has emigrated to Maine from Pennsylvania, the very first publication I picked up and started perusing here was The Forecaster. With the clinking of cups and saucers in the background seated at the counter at Becky’s Diner that day – the waitress had said if you want to be local, read The Forecaster, it will bring you up to speed.

Yes indeed and my first impression was that of seeing yet another free publication, doing what I considered an across-the-board better job of covering all sides of local issues, not only well, but with vitality (love Beem for example – guess I am an old curmudgeon myself, peace marcher in the 60s and on the bridge here after I unpacked from my move).

Except for my ongoing exasperation and lower bowel upsets with the reality that fewer and fewer people read beyond the initial launch phase of a phrase or two, I must continue to support and express my delight with Maine’s spirited rugged individualists, but more pointedly to those who still sally forth trying to cover both sides of today’s issues without eviscerating the realities therein.

You are doing a swell job IMHO (in my humble opinion, since I too have been forced to learn today’s lingo). And I would bet I am not a lone voice supporting your efforts. Carry on.

Ellen Fraser
South Portland


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