This Election Day, we have a rare opportunity to show that we value our communities and the families that live in them by voting no on Questions 1, 2 and 4.

Vote no on Question 1 to show your support for the many non-traditional families living in Maine today. Gay and lesbian couples are living in our towns and cities, raising children in loving households, and making tremendous contributions to our communities. They deserve the same rights and legal benefits of marriage that we all enjoy.

Vote no on Question 2 to keep our roads and bridges safe. The excise tax cut would cost our local municipalities millions of dollars in revenue needed to keep our roads and bridges safe all year long. A tax cut for a few would mean bad roads and higher property taxes for the rest of us.

Vote no on Question 4 to support jobs, public safety, education and home health care for our seniors. TABOR was a bad idea before and it’s an even worse idea during a recession. If passed, it would prevent our state and local governments from providing necessary funding to a wide range of essential programs.

Please show your support for Maine communities and families by voting no on Questions 1, 2 and 4.

Matthew Beck
South Portland

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