I am furious with Scott Andrews. His review of the comedy “Sylvia” at the Old Port Playhouse was not a review – it was a stupid, personal opinion that basically told us unless you are “very young and extremely attractive” there is no way that someone else of older age and (what Andrews considers) unattractive physical appearance could give someone the attention and affection that he or she is craving. I called the playhouse and asked them to lend me a script to read and nowhere does age or appearance play a crucial part in the title role. No where does it state that the character Greg needs Sylvia to be young and attractive – that is not what this play is about. Mr. Andrews totally missed the point of the play.

Superficial? I was at the matinee that Mr. Andrews was at and he was doubled over in laughter 99 percent of the time. The fact that he spent half the review on an issue that has nothing to do with the play proves once again that he should be selling advertising and not writing a column and definitely not reviewing shows. As an old (I am 68 years young) and “attractive in my own way” reader with many male admirers, I say we need a new reviewer and please – go see “Sylvia.” It is a hilarious show that will bring you to tears in a very exciting new and much-needed playhouse.

K. P. Templeton
Cape Elizabeth