There are two seats open on the Scarborough Town Council. Two incumbents are running, Carol Rancourt and Richard Sullivan. After having watched the Pine Point land swap issue all summer, there is clearly a contrast between these two public officials. Rancourt is intelligent, experienced, clearly does her homework, listens to the people and is willing to change her mind after considering all angles of an issue. She promotes public involvement and reaches out to citizens.

Sullivan has demonstrated other qualities. His record proves he votes with the powerful bloc on the council, he is unprepared, has difficulty understanding issues and explaining them, and as last summer’s Pine Point issue proved, he has little respect for citizens who courageously approach the council with their views. Sullivan has tried to justify his votes by saying he must listen to people who don’t come to council meetings to speak, yet he won’t answer the question when asked what the purpose of a public hearing is.

It is said that the only way voters can exercise their power is at the ballot box, so let’s prove the theory and not reward Sullivan for his record. You can expect the political machine will be gearing up and pushing the “bullet vote” for Sullivan (voting for only Sullivan when two seats are open). They need him to maintain their power. Scarborough deserves better government with people like Carol Rancourt.

Sue Perrino