By now many readers have seen our Share Willard Beach signs popping up in neighborhoods all over South Portland. Over the past week, I have been walking around my own neighborhood in Meetinghouse Hill, delivering yard signs to the many people who have requested them. It’s been an incredibly heartening experience – drivers give me thumbs-up, people pull over and ask where they can get a sign, and several people have asked me how much it costs to buy one. At this point our biggest challenge (a good one to have) is that we’re running short on signs, and we have to say no to people who want one.

The Save Willard Beach group has characterized those of us who enjoy Willard with our dogs as a selfish minority supporting an unpopular cause. In my experience, people supporting an unpopular cause generally don’t put signs on their yards, canvass door-to-door in neighborhoods all over the city (as our wonderful volunteers have done), donate without being asked, or add their names to a long list of supporters on a Web site. Isn’t it obvious whose cause is the unpopular one?

This referendum question has united people from all over the city, who appreciate the beauty of the beach, and the community and fellowship they find there. I am confident that South Portlanders will agree that they want to continue to share Willard Beach with those who use it in a safe and respectful way, and will vote against the ordinance on Nov. 3.

Peggy Stewart
South Portland