The recent referendum on homosexual marriage was as much about the north-south divide in Maine as it was between conservatives and liberals. Northern Maine is mostly made up of traditional Mainers who have been progressively abandoned by the Democratic Party over the past 50 years. In fact, Maine is a microcosm of what has been taking place all across the U.S. Instead of state governments enabling its citizens to succeed by encouraging the growth of new jobs and industry, many state governments are instead handing out entitlements, insuring that its welfare population will remain addicted to government handouts. A truly sarcastic philosophy. However, this policy is a sure-fire way to get more votes.

If you look at the map of the state, you’ll see that the lower quarter of Maine has half of the population. And to northern Mainers, it seems that the lower part of Maine is trying to control the upper three-quarters of the state. This is a very intimidating development.

Many Mainers aren’t opposed to homosexuals having civil unions, including the same rights as heterosexual marriages. However, many independent Mainers strongly oppose having their state government, and a minority of state citizens, “dictate” how such basic traditions such as marriage should be redefined. The “politically correct” so-called progressives are going to be the demise of the United States. It’s almost as if progressives are seeking another Civil War.


Bruce Green



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