BRUNSWICK — Residents hoping to take advantage of the town’s new urban chicken law are encouraged to attend a meeting about how to properly raise the birds.

Town Councilor Debbie Atwood and members of the Brunswick Permaculture Group will hold a workshop Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. in the municipal meeting room at Maine Street Station to give advice on how to obtain, care and raise chickens. The session will also feature pointers on how to construct a chicken coop. 

In October, the Brunswick Town Council passed an ordinance that allows qualifying downtown residents to keep up to six hens for egg-laying purposes. Slaughtering or selling the chickens is prohibited. The rules went into effect Nov. 18. Residents who construct chicken coops will have to pay a one-time building permit fee equal to 20 cents per square foot or a minimum of $25. In addition, chicken owners will pay an annual $10 license fee.

The council also compromised on language governing the proximity of hen houses to abutters. The original ordinance required a 20-foot setback, but the council decided 10 feet is sufficient.







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