I would like to thank Randy Billings for his outstanding reporting last week on my immigrant, refugee and international students at Southern Maine Community College. These young men and women are amazing, and they were thrilled to have a chance to tell their stories to a reporter.

The article was thorough and captured the voice of my students. Their diversity, their histories and their challenges are powerful. His article helped to put those concepts in print. For that, I am most appreciative.

They have worked hard this semester; their project in Topsham was outstanding and their final speeches will soon be aired on SPTV (being presented Dec. 10). Their dedication as students and community leaders is unending.

Lastly, Billings was kind, polite and respectful of my students, and they felt it. They thoroughly enjoyed him, and my goal is to have him back again, maybe to talk to them about newspaper reporting. What a great lesson that could be!

Rosemarie De Angelis
South Portland