My wife and I have been concerned for some time over the perceived encroachment of the Falmouth conservationists on the private land owners of this town.

This concern was increased when we tuned in to a rebroadcast of the Jan. 25 Town Council meeting and heard a young man presenting a proposal to increase the restrictions around certain vernal pools. He was very clear in stating that the new laws were to exceed those mandated by the state, because it was felt that the latter were not “scientific” enough.

We have lived in our home for 52-plus years and have acquired 15 acres of land that are blessed with both frontage on the Presumpscot River and a vernal pool. Both of these former assets are becoming curses due to Falmouth’s setback regulations (also in excess of the state) and the increasing prohibitions around vernal pools. We have paid our taxes on our land all of these years with the goal of leaving value to our children when we are gone. The way things are heading, that privilege will be denied.

There appeared to be considerable opposition from the public to these restrictions and, despite harassment from the chairwoman, Fred Chase gave a pertinent example of how private acreage can be totally devalued by the many obstacles that have been put in place by the town.

It begins to look as though our best bet is a clear-cut.

Philip M. Baker