M.D. Harmon has done it again! He has followed through on his pursuit of the truth as it relates to the global warming hoax by reporting on published U.K. news reports that most, if not all, news media in this country have failed to cover, or even mention (”Many new developments on ‘global warming’ front,” Feb. 5).

The column brings us up to date on the status of a number of other related global warming items (which some might call ”tainted” items) that should cause great concerns to all taxpayers.

Mr. Harmon deserves our thanks for his forthright reporting. He has reported factual information that even the most dedicated supporters of global warming will be hard-pressed to refute.

These facts, combined with the dismal results of the week-long conference on global warming held in Europe late last year, offer convincing evidence that climate change, nee global warming, is based purely on junk science.

Floyd Folsom



Twice in the past month we’ve seen editorial cartoonists mocking the claim of global warming with drawings of snow. Congratulations to them: They have discovered that winter is colder than summer.

But NOAA records of global temperature show that each of the last 9 years is among the 10 warmest of the past 130 years (1998 rounds out the top 10).

Historic tide data at www.climate.gov show an indisputable rise in sea level. The National Snow and Ice Data Center’s satellite updates show the extent of Arctic sea ice matching and on some days breaking the record lows of two years ago.

The cartoonists confuse seasonal weather with global climate. If they are sincere in doing so, then surely come April we’ll see a comic with global warming deniers being beaten about the head by a large daisy. If I don’t see the daisy, I’ll suspect that their confusion is not so sincere.

James Cook



Saltwater fishing registry another intrusive proposal

I am not a ”go fishing” person, but I still care that our rights and liberties are being infringed upon with this expansive (saltwater fishing) registry that will be a tax to our residents.

How long will it take for our most intimate moments to be licensed or taxed? I know as a young teen I scoffed that one day we would be taxed on the very air we breathe.

Cap-and-trade legislation looms upon us, even though what they try to provide as evidence proclaiming human-caused climate change does not hold up to scrutiny.

To get more information on these proposed saltwater angler fishing bills, please go to YouTube.com and type in ”Maine Statehouse Republicans LD 1331 + 1432,” where it is explained by Rep. Richard Cebra, R-Naples, and Rep. Jonathan McKane, R-Newcastle, or go to www.samcef.org.

Laurie-Jean Gombar

Old Orchard Beach



Diocese’s spending reflects sadly on its priorities

On Feb. 4, 2010, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland reported it has donated $410,000 toward Haiti relief.

On Nov. 5, 2009, Maine’s Catholic diocese reported it has donated $550,000 towards repealing the same- sex marriage law.

The fact that the Catholic diocese donated more to promote discrimination than it donated to Haiti’s relief is a sad statement of its priorities.

Just imagine how many more lives could have been saved and needed relief brought to Haiti with that $550,000 the Catholic Church spent on supporting discrimination against a minority.

Lonnie Kennedy


Sending more troops won’t defeat terrorists

I’m an eighth-grader at Massabesic Middle School. I believe that the war on terror should have ended a long while ago.

We have been in the war on terror for eight years, and it is said that we are no closer to capturing Osama bin Laden. Is there an end of the war in sight? Probably not.

We can send 30,000 troops into Afghanistan, and we probably will. Will anything be resolved by sending more troops? No.

About 142,000 U.S. soldiers are in Iraq, and between 92,000 and 107,000 are to leave by August. The mission will change from combat in Iraq to supporting the Iraq people and countering terrorism.

Obama said that he will be sending more troops to Afghanistan.The more troops that we send the more troops will die. Our country doesn’t need that.

The whole war has been centered around one group leader, Osama bin Laden. He is considered the world’s foremost terrorist. He is a threat to the whole world. But we have not captured him yet, and it has been eight years.

Even if we send more troops, that won’t change anything.

Alex Storey



‘Almost, Maine’ proves a midwinter delight

Maine is such a wonderful place in which to live and the abundance of great theater makes it even more so.

Be sure to see ”Almost, Maine” at the Old Port Playhouse, playing through Feb. 21.

Touching, whimsical, a bit of the feel of ” A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and completely charming, it is a delightful way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Brighten up your winter with a little bit of theater magic.

Wendy Thompson

Westport Island


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