There are major elements of this story that can be deemed improbable.

First, there’s the plain fact that Snoop Dogg — a rap pioneer and omnipresent pop-culture fixture — is scheduled to play a 2,000-seat gymnasium in Lewiston.

The simple explanation is that there is a Mainer on Snoop’s management team.

But then there’s the case of an e-mail, reported to be from Snoop Dogg, fully answering questions this reporter sent to him in anticipation of his Maine show.

Would somebody as high-profile, as famous, as independent as Snoop Dogg really take the time to answer e-mail questions for a newspaper in Maine? Or were the answers simply done by some of his public relations pros?

You be the judge:

Q: Some people like to categorize rap and hip hop as old school or contemporary. Do you think there is much of a difference between the two? Which do you fall into?

A: I jus made tha most bangin’ song of 2010, ”I Wanna Rock.” I had about 20 rappers, young and old, who remixed it. Jay Z jumped on tha release that will make ”More Malice.” I may be 38 but im still doin it bigg! Aint no rapper had a hit like that with 20 of tha homeys jumpin on tha remix. Streets is still bangin Snoop Dogg. Been doin it 20 years.


Some entertainers are simply too original to be copied. So as improbable as it sounds, Snoop Dogg is coming to Maine, and yes, the Grammy-nominated artist answers his own e-mail.

Those who happened to snap up tickets to Snoop’s show are in for a rare treat — the chance to catch a rap superstar in an intimate venue. Since being introduced to the masses by Dr. Dre on his 1992 landmark album ”The Chronic,” Snoop Dogg has maintained a grip on the upper echelon of popular music for almost two decades, with hits such as ”Who Am I,” ”Gin and Juice” and ”Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

He’s expanded his rap empire to include roles in film and television (both as himself and as fictional characters), and recently became an executive at Priority Records. His latest CD/DVD, ”More Malice,” is scheduled for a March 23 release.

Snoop Dogg’s Maine show, scheduled for Saturday at Bates College, sold out in days.

So for those of you not lucky enough to see Snoop (real name Calvin Broadus) in Lewiston, here are some more of his e-mail interview answers.

And they’re unedited, because how can you edit Snoop Dogg?


Q: How did this Maine show come about? Do you have any Maine ties?

A: Im doin a run in tha USA this month to promote my upcoming Movie and CD ”More Malice.” Its commn out 3/23. This is tha last week of tour in Maine so it’s gonna be bigg shows. My agent from out here so he had to pick it up. I always have a blast on tha east coast with college town shows. They are tha best kinda crowds and show alotta luv so it only made sense.


Q: Why do you think you’ve been able to succeed in the music business for so long? Do you think diversifying into TV or other media has helped?

A: I stay relevant whether through Music, Acting, TV Shows, Movies, tha Snoop Youth Football League, commercials, so no matter what people are gonna see Snoop Dogg and gonna know he ain’t going nowhere anytime soon. I went from We Are Tha World last week to tha Snooper Bowl VIII that Saturday. Last month I was hosting Monday Night Raw for WWE. The month before that I was ringing the bell at tha NYSE. You see me on Conan. You see me on tha View. Everyone loves Snoop Dogg, ya dig?!?


Q: What sort of music do you listen to in your free time? What were some of your musical influences growing up?

A: Marvin Gaye, Teddy P, Michael Jackson, Barry White, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Zapp N Roger, NWA, DOC. I luv to listen to old school music.Very rarely in tha car or in tha hotel or on tha bus do I listen to current music. It’s always old school.


Q: Where does the name come from? Have you ever thought of dropping it?

A: I used to watch Snoopy on tv when I was young. My mom said I watched him so much that I started lookn like him. Never gonna drop it.


Q: Did you like being on the CBS reality show, ”I Get That a Lot”? Would you do something like that again?

A: I had a blast doin it. I dont think alotta people or fans expected me to be on there so it was dope to surprise people on tha streets and on tv. I get a lotta young fans commn up to me talkn about how funny they thought it was. I kept it real hood that day and didnt even have my hair done and jus let it out, I think that’s why it was so effective. The shoes had velcroe. lol


Q: Have you ever been to Maine before? Anything in particular you hope to see?

A: ya i been here before. Imma bigg fan of tha east — tha college towns always have great crowds and fans that luv to see it. I hope to see plenty of greenery, ya dig?!? and maybe a hockey game jacc!!!


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