WATER IS LIFE. HERE’S WHY: The average adult eliminates about 6.3 cups of water per day. Another four cups are lost from breathing, sweating and other bathroom business. That means the average person needs to drink between 64 and 104 ounces each day, according to the Mayo Clinic.

TRACKING WATER CONSUMPTION can easily be forgotten on busy days. The Hydracoach is a water bottle with an on-board computer that can calculate individual hydration. Simply enter body weight on the side panel and the computer will determine how much water is needed each day.

THE COMPUTER ALSO tracks consumption in real time and provides pacing. For example, if a person needs to drink 80 ounces per day, the Hydracoach will display the percentage consumed and how much time the person has to reach their goal.

THE ELECTRONIC MODULE is removable and the plastic water bottle can be washed by hand or machine.

ONLY COLD OR COOL water should be used in the Hydracoach. Do not use hot water or liquids other than water. Do not fill to top, take caution when transporting as the mouthpiece may release water if compromised.

AVAILABLE IN three colors, $29.99 at Sportline.com.

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