FAIRFIELD – A Fairfield man burned an officer’s face with hot coffee, told the armed officer to shoot him, fled on foot through downtown Fairfield and was zapped by a Taser three times as he tried to avoid arrest Sunday, police said.

Christopher Allen Edes, 25, was arrested Sunday at 11:15 a.m. on a York County sheriff’s warrant for failure to appear in court on charges of felony burglary and theft. He also faced charges of assault on an officer, refusing to submit to arrest, violating conditions of release, possession of marijuana and failure to give correct name, address or date of birth.

Fairfield Officer Jacob Pierce spotted Edes on Main Street, Police Chief John Emery said.

When Pierce stopped his vehicle and asked Edes his name he “was unruly, swearing at the officer,” Emery said, and provided a false name and date of birth. When Pierce said he would have to detain Edes until he provided the information, Edes “threw a hot cup of coffee in the officer’s face and took off running,” Emery said.

Pierce fired his Taser and struck Edes, Emery said. Edes fell to the ground, but got up and kept running.

Edes was chased to the outside stairs near 215 Main St., where he told Pierce to shoot him, and the officer drew his handgun, Emery said.

Edes reached toward his back “as if reaching for a weapon,” Emery said, but when he showed his hands again, they were empty. Pierce holstered his handgun and drew his Taser.

Edes then began to run up the stairs, but was struck again by the Taser and fell back onto a landing, Emery said. When Pierce ordered Edes to put his hands behind his back, he refused, so Pierce fired his Taser again. When he asked again, Edes complied, and Pierce handcuffed him.

An ambulance arrived to check Pierce’s eyes, “but he didn’t require any more medical treatment, and he was very fortunate,” Emery said. “He still had one eye red and puffy (Monday morning).”

“Obviously I think the officer did a good job. He obviously showed restraint,” Emery said.

Assault on an officer is a Class C felony.


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