The Maine DOT has offered funding the Maine Street-McKeen Street intersection for good reason. If DOT feels it is dangerous and is paying for it, why is the town hesitating? Is it because Maine Street Station and the Bath Road intersection revision are getting more attention? Is it because of the tremendous new traffic that will be caused by the new hotel and the train station? Even a new traffic light downtown does not answer the McKeen-Maine left-turn situation. Remember, there are two schools feeding into and from McKeen, as well as about half the residential area living near the center of town. Also how do these cars get to the other main Brunswick artery, Bath Road, from this entire area south of the Bath Road-Maine Street intersection?

How many councilors who tabled approval use this intersection? Certainly not District 4’s John Perreault (where the intersection is located), who lists his address on the city Web site as 1 1/2 miles from South Durham at the Cumberland County border. The arguments against funding the traffic light are unwarranted. Cutting through other streets instead of McKeen to avoid a light would lead nowhere except other residential streets. Also the area along Maine cannot become another commercial area unless it is rezoned, and the opposition to that will be twice as loud.

Winnie Silverman