AUGUSTA – An Augusta-based company will debut later this month on a home shopping network.

The company’s flagship product — The Baggler, for which the company was named — has been sold in retail stores since December 2006.

Mark Eichenbaum, chief executive officer of The Baggler Co., said the product is a handheld device with a soft rubber grip to carry plastic shopping bags.

Eichenbaum said selling his products on television on the QVC channel is a big deal. QVC– which stands for Quality Value Convenience — broadcasts in four countries.

“Our presence on TV will drive retail sales for all of our products. We can now claim ‘As Seen on TV’ status, which will open many doors to major retailers,” he said.

The Baggler Co.’s newest product, The Baggler Combo, will be sold on the show. The combo includes the handheld device plus reusable “green” Baggler bags that fold up into a compact bundle to keep them conveniently available.

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