PORTER — State and local officials continue to monitor flood waters following the breach of a small dam on Colcord Pond.

A metal door on the dam gave way at about 9 a.m., according to Oxford County emergency officials.

The flood waters seriously damaged the rural Colcord Pond Road, undercutting the asphalt and making the road sag noticeably. The water flowed in a turbulent stream under the road this afternoon, and across the road, as well, for about 100 yards. The road had been closed for much of the day, rendered impassable by the damage and the flowing water.

The water from Colcord Pond was flowing into nearby Bickford Pond. Forest rangers were monitoring a small dam on Bickford as water flowed across it, and through granite blocks on either side of it. The rangers also kept an eye on a small bridge on Dam Road, below the pond, under which Mill Brook flows.

Local homes on Dam and Colcord Pond roads weren’t in danger. One home on Colcord Pond Road was close to the flood waters, but is an unoccupied seasonal home, according to county officials.

A dam inspector from the state examined the Colcord Pond dam using the Bridgton Fire Department’s air boat, and was expected to take a look at the Bickford Pond dam, as well.

Early reports that Route 25 had flooded were untrue, said Lt. Jeff Dutil of the Kezar Falls Fire Department. The water level seemed to be holding steady, but about 10-15 state and local officials continued to keep an eye on things, said Dutil. The concern is that more rain could further swell Mill Brook, which flows into downtown Porter.

“We’re supposed to get more rain tonight – that may cause more problems,” said Dutil.

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