I was appalled by the bias expressed in the Telegram editorial regarding health care (“Congress should fix awful health reform law,” April 4).

The opinion was that Democrats should have taken more time and involved Republicans more in the law’s passage.

Utter nonsense. The Republicans have become the party of the illiterate and misinformed. They deliberately spread distortions about the law with hyperbole and talk of “death squads” to eliminate grandmothers.

Their congressmen called Democrats “baby killers” on the floor of the House.

They led a campaign of hyperbole and disinformation that threatens to tear the country apart.

They absolutely lost the right to a reasonable role in what will probably prove to be as important a piece of legislation as the Social Security legislation was. That too was decried as the end of the world as we know it.

From the “swift boat” mischaracterizations to the current “tea party” machinations, the Republicans have become the party of the uneducated masses, preferring cowboy platitudes to in-depth discussion of the important issues.

Republicans used the same tactics to defeat the health care initiatives suggested by the Clinton administration as well.

Well, guess what? The right to health care for the working poor is a right that has been too long denied. Too bad the Republicans weren’t a part of this meaningful step forward for the country.


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