I am concerned that if our next governor is just another career politician or someone without private-sector experience, our economy will not improve, spending will spiral out of control, and taxes will stay high. We don’t need more empty promises. No one has ever created a job with a pledge.

We need action and results. We need real leadership from someone who has actually managed budgets, created jobs and invested in our economy. That’s why I am supporting Republican Bruce Poliquin. He is the only candidate with the experience I trust to improve our economy and create jobs.

My husband and I would like our children working in Maine. We are becoming a state with fewer and fewer young citizens because Maine has few well-paying opportunities for well-educated college graduates. We moved here because we love this state. We can’t continue to drive our children away to other states that can provide a decent living.

Because Bruce grew up in Maine he has a passion for this state. He also has the knowledge and background to address the real reasons our economy suffers. To reduce spending, lower taxes and balance the budget, you need someone who understands businesses management. Bruce is a proven, effective and successful manager. He has the right skills at the right time for Maine. Let’s keep our college graduates in Maine and let’s get this state back to work.

Victoria M. Kurtz