As June 8 nears, a Benjamin Disraeli quote comes to mind: “The more extensive a man’s knowledge of what has been done, the greater his power of knowing what to do.”

Faith Varney has resided in Falmouth for many decades. Her first-rate accomplishments have been applauded: 34 years in education, service in many capacities in the Falmouth Community. Faith has extensive knowledge of what has been done, what things have been left undone and things that need change.

Faith is aware of current concerns among town residents. Her record confirms her capacity to listen, observe and articulate values and visions at all levels of decision-making.

Falmouth needs Faith’s proven record of effective performance on the Town Council. If leadership is about identifying problems and initiating change that leads to substantial improvement, not just managing change, I urge my friends to place their faith in Faith Varney for Town Council. She has already demonstrated competencies and practices of leadership.

How many of us earn the “Citizen of the Year” as Faith did in 2007? Such honor is rewarded only from high caliber integrity and worthiness.

Marge Merrill Devine