As a library patron I was sad to know that three branches are scheduled to be closed. Like all losses in daily life, however, I have learned to shift from the initial denial, work through the anger with dignity so that I can accept it, and move on to take another breath and ideally, proactive action. Over time, this process builds great living skills.

It’s honorable and competent to have the city Finance Committee ask the city manager for a “contextual review ” of the value of the proposed new delivery options. This is exactly the type of review our entire city budget needs during the next fiscal year.

It’s time for the neighborhoods affected to swallow, breathe and move on with the prospects of using their power of public trust and teach the next generation that shift happens well – as long as we work together.

We need to learn that by accepting death in daily living we are agents for change in our neighborhoods’ natural process of being.

Michel Joncas