PORTLAND — Jeffrey Dolloff was seriously injured but also extremely combative with paramedics who tried to treat him after he was severely beaten in his Standish home more than a year ago, the lead paramedic told a Cumberland County Superior Court jury today.

Brent Libby, the emergency services chief for Standish, said Dolloff was so hard to control that paramedics handcuffed him during the trip to Maine Medical Center so they could treat his injuries.

Dolloff was beaten with a baseball bat in his bed on April 12, 2009. His wife, Linda Dolloff, was shot in the hip during what she says was a home invasion. Prosecutors, who said Linda Dolloff was upset over an impending divorce, said she beat her husband, then shot herself in the hip and reported a home invasion to cover up the attack.

She has been charged with attempted murder, elevated aggravated assault and filing a false report.

Libby said Jeffrey Dolloff had “a split up the middle of his head from his forehead to his scalp” and had lost a lot of blood. A videotape played during a Maine State Police detective’s testimony later this morning showed Jeffrey Dolloff’s bed and pillow soaked with blood, a large pool of blood on the floor next to the bed and splatters of blood on the walls.

Libby said it’s “not unusual” for people with severe head injuries to react combatively to those who try to help them. The comment about the handcuffs came on a question from Daniel Lilley, Linda Dolloff’s lead defense attorney. During opening arguments in the trial, which began a week ago, Lilley pointed out that Linda Dolloff is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 110 pounds, while Jeffrey Dolloff is 10 inches taller and double her weight, suggesting that it would be difficult for her to assault her husband and not get hurt as well.

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