PORTLAND — Jeffrey Dolloff’s mattress and pillow were soaked with blood after he was attacked by someone with a baseball bat last April, but little else was amiss in his Standish house, right down to the large stuffed Minnie Mouse perched on a chair just outside his bedroom.

A few feet away, an unfired bullet was on the gleaming hardwood floor of the hallway. Beyond that, a Maine State Police videotape shown to jurors Wednesday focused on a handgun and a splotch of blood, the spot where Linda Dolloff said she was shot by the intruder in her home who had just beaten her husband.

Prosecutors say Linda Dolloff, distraught over an impending divorce, swung the bat that injured her husband while he slept. Then, they say, she shot herself in the hip – using a gun taken from the top drawer of Jeffrey Dolloff’s dresser – and called 911 to report a home invasion in an attempt to cover up the assault.

The videotape of the house, made a few hours after the April 12, 2009, incident, was shown Wednesday at Linda Dolloff’s trial in Cumberland County Superior Court, where she is facing charges of attempted murder, elevated aggravated assault and filing a false report.

It showed a spacious, neatly appointed home with a big-screen television in the living room, a large yoga studio for Linda Dolloff upstairs and her pottery studio with a kiln in the basement. Jeffrey Dolloff had his own sawmill in the backyard and a woodworking shop in the basement.

Prosecutors say Linda Dolloff was so upset at the prospect of losing it all that it prompted her to assault her husband.

Yet some details in the videotape lend credence to her story that she and her soon-to-be ex-husband spent a romantic evening before the violence. Prosecutors, in their opening statement, scoffed at her claim that she and Jeffrey Dolloff lounged in the hot tub and made love the night before the attack.

According to prosecutors, Linda Dolloff told police that Jeffrey Dolloff then fell asleep and she went back to her separate bedroom until she was awakened by a noise shortly before 3 a.m.

The videotape showed a mostly consumed bottle of wine in a tray next to the hot tub in Linda Dolloff’s bathroom and two wine glasses alongside the tub.

Linda Dolloff’s lawyer, Daniel Lilley, also pushed his contention that Jeffrey Dolloff, at 6 feet 2 inches and 220 pounds, was too big and strong to be overpowered by his 110-pound, 5-foot-4-inch wife. Other than the gunshot wound in her hip, Lilley has said, Linda Dolloff was unhurt in the incident.

A paramedic who testified Wednesday said Jeffrey Dolloff was seriously injured but also combative.

“He was split up the middle of his head from his forehead to his scalp,” said Brent Libby, Emergency Medical Services chief for Standish.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Jeffrey Dolloff fought off attempts by paramedics to help — to the point where they had to abandon attempts to put him on a backboard to carry him from the house, and were forced to handcuff him on the ride to Maine Medical Center so they could treat his injuries, Libby said.

Questioning evidence technicians, Lilley’s colleague Karen Wolfram also suggested to jurors that Jeffrey Dolloff was far from defenseless. He had another handgun in the top drawer of his dresser, a rifle and shotgun under his bed, five rifles on a rack in his office next door to his bedroom and eight more guns in a cabinet in that office.



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