PORTLAND — A specialist in forensic identification said today she found three bloody footprints at the base of Jeffrey Dolloff’s bed when she examined the room two days after the Standish man was severely beaten with a softball bat.

At the Cumberland County Superior Court trial of Linda Dolloff, Jeffrey Dolloff’s wife, the forensic specialist said she wasn’t able to find footprints elsewhere in the room, including a large pool of blood beside the bed.

Linda Dolloff is charged with attempted murder, elevated aggravated assault and filing a false report. Prosecutors allege she beat her husband on April 12, 2009, then shot herself in the stomach and claimed that the couple had been victims of a home invasion in an attempt ot cover up the assault.

Dolloff said an intruder beat her husband then shot her when she got up from her separate bedroom to investigate a noise.

This morning’s testimony was mostly technical with the specialist, Alicia Wilcox, explaining how she identifies and enhances the blood she finds at crime scenes. She said the three footprints were made by someone in bare feet but said the prints weren’t clear enough to allow her to identify the person who made them.

When Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson asked if smearing of the footprints would be consistent with someone swinging a bat, the judge disallowed the question.




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