As June 8 approaches, the citizens of Cumberland will have an opportunity to elect Sally Leavitt to the Town Council. As a lifetime resident of Cumberland, Sally brings a fresh perspective to the council. As a fourth-generation resident, she has the advantage of not only knowing the town as a current resident, but through her family’s long-time experiences of living and working in this town.

Sally feels that Cumberland citizens have a great opportunity to be environmentally savvy and she will be a strong advocate for better recycling opportunities and ways to help the environment. Sally is also a proponent of exploring opportunities through regionalization as a way to cut costs.

Sally Leavitt understands Cumberland and the concerns of those of us who live here. As a lifetime resident myself, I feel Sally Leavitt would bring a welcome change to the face of the Town Council. She has a strong sense of integrity, and common sense and operates as a fiscally responsible member of this community. Join me on June 8 and vote for Sally Leavitt. She’ll bring a fresh perspective with a lifetime of understanding the needs and concerns of this community.

Marian Day